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Pause Time – Retrieve

Get the last playback position (pause time) of the item (in milliseconds) for the given subscriber. Replace SUBSCRIBER_ID with the unique id of the subscriber and ASSET_ID with the unique id to get the last playback position of the item for the user. Note that in a multi-device scenario, if a user watches the item on multiple devices, the last reported position is wherever the user last stopped watching (regardless of the device).

Resource URL

GET - /metax/2.1/activity/pausetime/{SUBSCRIBER_ID}/{ASSET_ID}

Header Paramater

Bearer Access Token

NOTE: Access Token here refers to the access authorization token.

Example Request URL

GET - http://__JTV__HOST__/metax/2.1/activity/pausetime/

Example Return

The response of a invalid authorization access call ( Status #401) will look as follows:-

To see how to get access token - (see Getting Access Tokens)

The response of an ERROR in authorization access call ( Status #404) will look as follows:-

HTTP Status 404