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Feed – details

The API returns a JSON object containing metadata for a particular item as determined by the value of ASSET_ID.

Resource URL

GET - /metax/2.1/details/{ASSET_ID}

Header Paramater

Bearer Access Token

NOTE: Access Token here refers to the access authorization token.

URL Parameter

Asset ID is the unique ID of an asset.

Form Parameter

Subscriber ID (e.g. If subscriber ID is present, then the details object may contain personalized info like pauseTime, isFavorite etc.
Type of the device. (e.g. roku, iphone, ipad, android-mobile, android-tab, web etc.) If this value is present, the MetaX will send the meta-data for that device only. (e.g. thumbnail)

Example Request URL

GET - http://__JTV_HOST__/metax/2.1/details/6149?device=__JTV__DEVICE__CODE__&subid=__SUBSCRIBER__ID__

Example Return

The response of a invalid authorization access call ( Status #401) will look as follows:-

To see how to get access token - (see Getting Access Tokens)

The response of an ERROR in authorization access call ( Status #404) will look as follows:-

HTTP Status 404